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Daily Price $450, Weekly Price $1350


Discover the versatile capabilities of our Canon 17-120mm T2.95-3.9 lens available for rental.


This remarkable 17-20mm Cine-Servo zoom lens is a perfect match for various applications, including documentary projects, handheld shooting, and ENG (Electronic News Gathering) assignments. Engineered to excel with Super 35mm large format cameras, it stands fully prepared for the demands of a 4K production environment.


The lens operates with an exceptional level of precision and efficiency, characterized by its remarkably quiet and swift motor performance. Achieve flawlessly smooth and gradual starts and stops using the zoom rocker. Customize your experience by adjusting the sensitivity settings, enabling lightning-fast zooms as short as half a second, or indulging in extended, seamless zooms of up to 300 seconds.

Elevating your visual aesthetics, the Canon 17-20mm lens boasts an 11-blade iris configuration, effectively minimizing highlight artifacts and granting photographers the luxury of a beautifully round bokeh. Moreover, its aspherical design ensures consistent, uniform focus across the entire image area, adding to the lens's overall prowess.


When considering the Canon 17-120mm lens for your project, rest assured that the rental process is hassle-free. You can conveniently collect the lens locally in Sacramento or opt for nationwide shipping, subject to additional charges.

For inquiries regarding pricing and availability of the Canon 17-120mm lens rentals, kindly reach out to us via email at Elevate your visual storytelling with the unparalleled capabilities of this lens.

Rent Canon 17-120mm Lens

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