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Studio Set Up


Our company policy for renting production equipment is a very simple three-step checklist:

1. To proceed with your rental, either you or your producer should provide a valid driver's license, passport, or state ID, which we will retain in our records.

2. A valid personal or corporate credit card is required from either you or your producer for billing and loss and damage coverage, and we will securely keep this information on file.

3. Depending on your specific rental, references, and the value of the equipment being rented, we typically request standard production insurance that includes Camera Kitchen as an Additional Insured and Loss Payee.

Our payment options are straightforward, accepting cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Full payment for your rental will be processed when you collect the equipment from our premises.

Once we establish a rental relationship with you or your production company, additional billing arrangements may be offered, such as partial payment upon pickup, payment upon return, or Net 15-30 billing terms.

To expedite your initial rental with Camera Kitchen Rentals, we kindly ask you to complete our New Client Rental Form Package PDF, provided below.

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