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Established in 2022 by CEO Rolando Garcia and Hilary Thompson, Camera Kitchen operates as a digital motion picture rental hub and production services provider located in Sacramento. Drawing from a filmmaking background, along with the expertise of a skilled team and the convenience of an onsite soundstage, our enterprise engages in dynamic partnerships with a wide spectrum of esteemed clientele in the industry.


At Camera Kitchen, we know our success is driven by our people. We understand how diverse teams motivate innovation, how equitable opportunities provide growth, and how an inclusive workplace culture grants safety and freedom for people to be their true selves.

The creation of our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (I.D.E.A) Team demonstrates Camera Kitchen's commitment to upholding our core objectives. We firmly believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental principles within our team, serving as catalysts for proactive measures. Recognizing the magnitude of these concepts, we are dedicated to continuous learning and growth as we navigate this journey.

Camera Kitchen is committed to showing its support for all under-represented groups. We are looking internally and examining our processes, to ensure we are making meaningful changes and improvements that combat racial injustices.

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