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Daily Price $525, Weekly Price $1575


Elevate your cinematic journey with the Atlas Orion Series anamorphic prime lens sets, now available for rent at Camera Kitchen.


The Orion Series Anamorphic Lenses are meticulously crafted as a versatile filmmaking essential, seamlessly compatible with an array of cutting-edge Digital Cinema PL mount cameras, including Arri Alexa and Red DSMC2, as well as Canon Mount Cinema Cameras such as the C300. These lenses are adaptable to Sony E Mount or Micro 4/3 cameras through appropriate adapters, and ingeniously engineered to accommodate the rotating mirror shutter of 35mm Motion Picture Film Cameras, adhering to Arri PL Flange requirements. Regardless of your project's digital or film medium, the 65mm T2 lens delivers expansive coverage and boasts an Image Circle surpassing S35mm dimensions.


The hallmark of the Orion Series lies in its Interchangeable Mount System, facilitating seamless utilization of the anamorphic lenses on PL Mount cameras, and swiftly transitioning to compatible EF, E-mount, or Micro 4/3 cameras with suitable adapters for your subsequent shoot or secondary unit. The focus function is marked by an extensive 270° travel rotation, while the Cine pitch 0.8 mod gearing on both the iris and Focus ring ensures harmonious simultaneous drive control, even when multiple motors are affixed to the same lens side.


Delving into the set, you'll find the following prime lenses included:

  • 40mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 65mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 100mm T2 Prime Lens

Initiating your rental of the Atlas Orion Series Anamorphic Lens Set is straightforward. Opt for local pickup in Sacramento or explore nationwide shipping, with supplementary charges applicable.


For inquiries regarding availability and customized quotes for lens rentals, kindly direct your correspondence to Embrace the power of cinematic storytelling with the exceptional Atlas Orion Series anamorphic prime lens set.

Rent Atlas Orion Series Anamorphic Lens Set

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