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Daily Price $1750, Weekly Price $5250


Elevate your production with the ALEXA 35 19mm Studio Production Set, now ready for rental.


Reinforcing its supremacy in digital cinema capture, ARRI presents the ALEXA 35 – a Super35-format camera equipped with a groundbreaking 4:3 4K.6 sensor. This innovation brings forth an extra 2.5 stops of dynamic range, heightened low-light performance, and a richer, more precise color representation. The Production Set harmoniously merges the ALEXA 35 camera with a Cine License, both LPL and PL to LPL adapters, a B-mount battery plate, a PDM-1 Power Distribution Module, a comprehensive cage with 19mm studio and 15mm LWS rod supports, a baseplate, and a dovetail. Delivering compactness and intuitive operation, the ALEXA 35 accommodates both MFX/ARRIRAW and MFX/Apple ProRes capture to 1 or 2TB Codex drives, reaching resolutions up to 4.6K and frame rates up to 120p.

At the heart of the ALEXA 35's exceptional imagery lies its new 4.6K Super35 CMOS sensor, delivering an impressive 17 stops of dynamic range – an impressive leap of 2.5 stops beyond previous ARRI models. This dynamic range is strategically distributed, with 1.5 stops enhancing film-like highlight roll-off and 1 stop unveiling details in shadows without overexposing other areas. The camera's wide dynamic range caters to HDR projects and backlit scenarios, offering room for creative adjustment in post-production.


Incorporating in-camera down-sampling and anamorphic de-squeezing, the ALEXA 35 presents an extensive selection of 19 ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes recording formats. These formats encompass various resolutions, data rates, and aspect ratios, aligning the camera with diverse production styles, from 4.6K to 2K options.

Revolutionary stray-light suppression technology is applied to both the camera and the new ARRI PL (Hirose or LBUS) lens mounts, ensuring optimal contrast from your chosen lenses and eliminating undesirable grayish tones.


Pushing boundaries, the ALEXA 35 boasts an EI range of 160 to 6400, displaying heightened sensitivity and reduced noise even in challenging low-light conditions. The optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode (EI 2560-6400) collaborates with the camera's expansive dynamic range, producing nuanced images in dimly lit environments, a valuable asset for spontaneous or available-light shooting.

Unveiling new creative avenues, the ALEXA 35 incorporates the REVEAL color science, facilitates color matching with existing ARRI cameras, and introduces multiple Texture Files that emulate the choice of a film stock – both during capture and post-production. Devised with insights from cinematographers and colorists, ARRI's REVEAL color science employs six factors to enhance color, contrast, sensitivity, and dynamic range.


Despite its compact 8 x 6 x 5.8" build, reminiscent of the ALEXA Mini, the ALEXA 35 retains the extensive features of its larger counterpart. Packed within its sturdy frame are a left-side display, autonomous SDI outputs, audio inputs, motorized ND filters, dual wireless radios, and 12/24V accessory ports. Assistant and operator-friendly attributes, such as a user-friendly menu structure, compatibility with 1 or 2TB Codex Compact drives, and a robust, weather-resistant housing, remain intact. Recent enhancements include HDR viewing through the MVF-2 viewfinder, adjustable SDI text overlay, the ability to toggle individual frame lines, and Info Panels for easily digestible camera information.


For those seeking to rent the ARRI ALEXA 35 19mm Studio Production Set, look no further. At Camera Kitchen, we offer this cutting-edge equipment package for rental, available for local pickup in Sacramento or nationwide shipping, subject to additional charges.


To receive personalized quotes and confirm availability for camera rentals, kindly connect with us via email at Propel your production with the extraordinary capabilities of the ALEXA 35.

Rent ARRI ALEXA 35 19mm Studio Production Set

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