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Daily Price $125 Weekly Price $375


The 1030D and Ds models incorporate features originally designed for the larger OConnors, enabling cinematographers to smoothly transition from heavier to lighter camera setups. These features include a stepless and exceptionally smooth pan and tilt fluid drag. This enhancement is specifically optimized to deliver ultimate control and stability for shooting in the realm of digital cinematography.


The patented OConnor Sinusoidal Counterbalance system ensures precise balance at any tilt angle, offering true accuracy. Notably, this system can counterbalance all the way down to zero, which is especially advantageous given the current trend towards lighter camera weights. This streamlines the transition between larger and smaller camera payloads, catering to the needs of versatile shooters. Crucially, the distinctive OConnor feel remains consistent regardless of the payload being used.

The newly designed ergonomic crank-style counterbalance control conveniently emerges from the rear of the head. Additionally, the Action Brakes for both pan and tilt can be disengaged with a simple one-handed squeeze. The innovative sideload platform allows for swift camera attachment and extends the range of movement for balancing front-heavy configurations.


The 1030Ds model is capable of accommodating heavier camera setups, supporting weights of up to 41 lbs. This further expands the versatility and capabilities of the equipment.

OConnor 1030DS Fluid Head Tripod Rental

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