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The Element Mantis is a handheld rig available for rent at Camera Kitchen

This Mantis is a highly customizable handheld rig suitable for a variety of cameras. Shooters love this shoulder rig because the dovetail interface allows for quick modification from a tripod to hand-held mode. The two rosette mounted handles with bicycle-style grips offer easy operation; the handles also include a mount for the ViewFactor Origo remote start/stop button.

Side-to-side or rotational adjustments are possible for the rosette cross-bar at the front of the dovetail. A 2-axis gimbal allows the shoulder pad to be adjusted along multiple axis along with fore and aft linear adjustments. An offset angle of the shoulder pad relative to the camera aligns the camera and operator’s line-of-sight perfectly. Easy adjustments to the shoulder pad to suit any shoulder and body-type are possible.

This Element Mantis Handheld rig rental can be picked up locally in Sacramento or shipped nationwide for additional fees.

For availability and quotes on handheld rigs for rent, please e-mail

Element Mantis Handheld Rig Rental

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