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Filming a Scene

Camera Kitchen Membership 

We are a company that is focused on building community and supporting filmmakers in all areas of production.  We believe it's important to strengthen the Sacramento film community to its fullest capacity. Sign up today and take advantage of discounted rentals, discounted stage rentals, discounted workshops and full access to our spacious prep floor.

  • Rental Equipment Discounts

  • Special Consignment Program

  • Production Cyc Stange Discount

  • Film Workshop Discount

Special 3-Month Membership
or $399.00  

*Limited Memberships Available*


25% Off Equipment Rentals

Take advantage of the industry-standard equipment we carry in our inventory. Our exclusive members will benefit from continuous discounted CK owned equipment.

Special Consignment Program

What to make a passive income renting your equipment through CK? Our members will be able to take advantage of our special partnership. More information will be available when you speak with a CK representative. 


35% Off Workshops

CK members will be able to take advantage of workshops led by professional experts in all departments of production


25% Off Cyc Stage Rental

Take your production to the next level while saving money on productions cost. Our large white cyc productions stage is ready for your next production.

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